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Core Values

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    There’s no such thing as one size fits all.

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    Trauma-informed support is vital. A predictable, safe, and positive environment will improve the lives of children and youth who have experienced trauma.

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    Supporting and affirming the unique identity of youth leads to better outcomes.

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    Community and peer support are essential. KEEP is a place for parents to share experiences, building community and decreasing isolation.

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    Clear expectations help everyone succeed. KEEP is about what to do, rather than what not to do.

KEEP was developed at Oregon Social Learning Center, a non-profit research center dedicated to strengthening children, families, and communities.

The KEEP program is offered by OSLC Developments, Inc. (ODI), a non-profit research center that specializes in implementing and disseminating evidence-based services in real-world settings, including child welfare. The organization has a history of successfully translating findings from rigorously controlled clinical trials to self-sustaining programs that improve outcomes for vulnerable children and families.

KEEP Researchers and Directors

Patti Chamberlain

Patti Chamberlain, Ph.D.

Patti Chamberlain, Ph.D. led the development of the Treatment Foster Care Oregon (TFCO) and KEEP models, and was the Principal Investigator across all KEEP implementations and large-scale randomized controlled trials.

"KEEP provides opportunities for parents to support and help each other and to hear about researched-based practical parenting methods for optimizing the positive development of children and teens."

Courtenay Padgett

Courtenay Padgett, M.S.

Courtenay Padgett, M.S. is KEEP Operations Director. She has worked for 30 years on KEEP, led data collection for randomized controlled trials, and developed and oversees the web-based Fidelity Observation system, FIDO.

"I really appreciate how we have created a way to work with parents that is set up to be both very consistent but also so adaptable/applicable to almost any home, parent, and child combination. I also like that humor is a key component of both the work we do with parents but also amongst ourselves as a team. And then on a completely personal level, I love being able to use my data resources to support the team."

Rohanna Buchanan, Ph.D

Rohanna Buchanan, Ph.D.

Rohanna Buchanan, Ph.D. is a Senior Scientist at OSLC and the Clinical Director for KEEP. Rohanna oversees all KEEP adaptations, is Co-Principal Investigator on the current NIMH-funded KEEP research, and has been a Co-Investigator on KEEP SAFE efficacy studies.

"I love that KEEP groups create space for parents to practice effective parenting skills and build community with other families with similar experiences."

Stacey Tiberio, Ph.D

Stacey Tiberio, Ph.D.

Stacey Tiberio, Ph.D. is a Methodologist and Research Scientist with the KEEP team. She currently serves as the Principal Investigator for two NIMH-funded studies that evaluate the potential benefits of the KEEP program with a focus on the effect of culturally-specific adaptations on youth who are underserved and overrepresented in the Child Welfare System.

"One of the many things that I love about KEEP is that it is an evidence-based and strengths-based program, with an emphasis on tailoring the content to the unique needs of the foster and kinship parents in the groups, and optimizing the role of parents as the agents of positive change for children and youth."

Katie Bennett

Katie Bennett, M.S.

Katie Bennett, M.S. is the Director of Implementation for the KEEP program and works with all U.S. and international KEEP sites on implementation, program quality, and sustainability. Katie collaborates with KEEP sites to ensure that their KEEP program is reflective of their community and responsive to the needs of the youth and families they serve.

"I love that KEEP has a strong research component, so we can be responsive to the needs of families and communities while maintaining KEEP’s evidence base."

Miriam Clark

Miriam Clark, Ph.D.

Miriam Clark, Ph.D. is a Research Associate with KEEP who conducts qualitative and quantitative research to ensure that KEEP meets its goals to support families effectively.

“I love how KEEP can be tailored to fit the needs of individual families better. Raising kids can be difficult! and KEEP is a great support that can help families with varying dynamics/structures thrive.”

KEEP Clinical and Implementation Team

Amanda Branche

Amanda Branche, M.S.

KEEP Oregon Implementation Lead

"KEEP helps lower your stress by making plans to address those things that are inside your control."

LaShaun Brooks

LaShaun Brooks

KEEP Group Leader, Implementation Team, Qualitative Research

"I really like hearing and seeing the camaraderie that is shared by KEEP group participants, and how this enables them to share their experiences to further support one another."

julie chapman

Julie Chapman

KEEP Lead Parent Engagement Specialist

"I enjoy getting to know parents and connecting them to each other to support one another. My job is fun! I feel like I get to give gifts every day, the gift of a KEEP group!"

Shelley Crawford

Shelley Crawford

KEEP Bilingual Assistant

"It is truly a pleasure coming to work every day knowing that this program is wanted and beneficial for families. I am overjoyed by all the positive and meaningful feedback we have received from KEEP participants!"

Joel Davis

Joel Davis

KEEP Program Lead Coach and Trainer

"I love the wide range of folks that I get to work with. I love working with people that are passionate about their jobs and interested in improving each day."

Grant Estrin, KEEP Group Leader, Coach, Trainer, and Interventionist

Grant Estrin, M.Ed.

KEEP Group Leader, Coach, and Trainer

"Something I love about my job is getting to know the amazing resource parents and all the work they do for the children in their care."

Jessica Hughitt photo

Jessica Hughitt

KEEP Group Leader, Coach, and Trainer

"There is just something magical about a KEEP group. KEEP meets parents where they are at and provides a safe space for them to share, be heard, connect, and lift each other up."

mary kate land

Mary Kate Land

KEEP Group Leader and Coach

"I try to meet parents where they're at and create a safe space for everyone to explore ideas about parenting and self-care."

Matt Quick

Matt Quick

KEEP Group Leader, Coach, and Trainer

"My favorite KEEP tool is When/Then. It is a great alternative to “no” and it is magical at avoiding power struggles."

Jayme Rosado

Jayme Rosado

KEEP Group Leader, Coach, and Trainer

"In KEEP, we promote paying five times more attention to positive behaviors than challenging ones. This has helped a lot of parents, including myself!"

Carol Warren

Carol Warren, M.S.W, QMHP

KEEP Clinical Supervisor and Workforce Development Specialist

"There is a consistent strength-focused approach with KEEP. It feels wonderful to focus on strengths and possible strategies, and use them to make positive progress or change."

mari peñarrubia sánchez

Mari Peñarrubia Sánchez

KEEP Bilingual Group Leader

"I love gathering families in a group, hearing their stories and their strategies, and helping create a safe space where they can connect and support each other."

Inga Wilson

Inga Wilson

KEEP Group Leader, Coach, and Trainer

"I love the community KEEP creates and hearing parents share that they feel less alone in their challenges by meeting the other parents in the group."

Norma Talamantes

Norma Talamantes

KEEP Group Leader, Coach, and Trainer

"The best part of my job has been meeting so many parents and getting to hear their stories."

There is no ‘About Us’ without it being about ALL of us.
Here are some highlights of KEEP staff at partner agencies:

Agency Spotlights

Andres Chavez, Native American Youth and Family Center KEEP Group Leader and Recruiter

Andres Chavez

Native American Youth and Family Center KEEP Group Leader and Recruiter

"I believe that by helping children set goals, they can learn a great skill for their life. I have used these techniques in my own home and seen firsthand how my daughter was able to improve and feel motivated about her goals."

Erling Brø, KEEP Denmark Group Leader, Coach, and Trainer

Erling Brø

KEEP Denmark Group Leader, Coach, and Trainer

"I like the way KEEP helps me and the foster parents take it easy, giving us time to take a deep breath and consider how to make a plan."

Karily Lantigua, LMSW, KEEP NYC Coach, Administrator Supervisor of Education, St. Dominic’s Family Services

Karily Lantigua

KEEP NYC Coach, Administrator Supervisor of Education, St. Dominic’s Family Services

"Every foster parent brings something new to every KEEP support group which makes the group more fun as everybody is learning from each other."

Kendra Morris Jacobson, Director of Oregon Programs of Northwest Resource Associates, ORPARC Supervisor

Kendra Morris Jacobson

Director of Oregon Programs of Northwest Resource Associates, ORPARC Supervisor

"KEEP makes parents' jobs easier, provides great incentives, and helps them keep it together."

Lisa Robertson

Lisa Roberston

KEEP Maryland Group Leader, Maryland

"I love that each session is informative and practical without being 'preachy.' KEEP is designed in a way that is respectful and authentic for the people participating."

Terry Santini

Terry Santini

Kinship Family Navigator Specialist, Oregon Kinship Navigator

"I love supporting grandparents and other kinship families. I love the feeling of giving someone hope and letting them know they are not alone."

Kalapuya Land Acknowledgement

The Oregon Social Learning Center is located on Kalapuya Ilihi, the traditional indigenous homeland of the Kalapuya people. Following treaties between 1851 and 1855, Kalapuya people were dispossessed of their indigenous homeland by the United States government and forcibly removed to the Coast Reservation in Western Oregon. Today, descendants are citizens of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde Community of Oregon and the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians of Oregon. We pay our respects and support the sovereign rights of Elders past, present, and emerging.

For more information, visit: https://library.uoregon.edu/honoring-native-peoples-and-lands