Let’s work together to KEEP families supported!

KEEP™ partners with sites to implement evidence-based parenting and support groups for resource/foster, kinship, and adoptive families across the U.S. and internationally. KEEP works with sites to develop customized and sustainable programs specific to each community’s needs.

KEEP™ groups offer peer support and community for resource/foster, kinship, and adoptive parents of youth ages 2+. Join other parents in discussing trauma-informed strategies tailored to the unique needs of each home and child in a supportive and welcoming environment.

The KEEP program has been extensively researched for more than 20 years, and outcomes include:

We work with diverse families.

& Adolescents

  • Lower rates of emotional and behavioral challenges
  • Shorter lengths of stay in care
  • Lower rates of placement disruptions for youth with multiple previous placements
  • More frequent reunification with family
  • Less substance use (for adolescents)
  • Lower rates of health-risking sexual behavior (for adolescents)

& Kinship Parents

  • Higher rates of positive parenting
  • Lower rates of harsh discipline
  • Reduced parent stress
  • Spillover of positive effects to other children in the home

Child Welfare System / Workforce

  • Longer tenure for foster parents providing care
  • Youth spend fewer days in care

"I loved the connection with the other parents in the group, and feeling like I'm not alone in what I'm doing and my kids are not the only ones with certain behaviors!! Thank you SO MUCH for this group!"

KEEP Kinship Parent


"Our good behaviors have improved greatly already and my personal stress level has gone down! Thank you!"

KEEP Resource Parent

What is a KEEP Group?

Unlike a classroom lecture format, KEEP groups are lively and highly participatory. The groups synthesize the real and current experiences of parents with lessons learned from research about the most effective parenting methods. KEEP is unique as an evidence-based practice in that it is tailored to the individual and diverse needs of kids and the families who are caring for them, and emphasizes strategies for supporting and affirming the identity of each youth.

  • 7-12 parents who are caring for a child age 2 or older
  • Two group leaders trained in KEEP
  • KEEP is a support group, not a class!
  • 16 weekly, 90-minute sessions
  • KEEP is a place for families to connect and share resources and experiences
  • KEEP is trauma-informed
  • Each household receives an incentive (e.g. $25/session) for each session they attend

Core Values

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    There’s no such thing as one size fits all.

  • KEEP-Puzzle-Icon

    Trauma-informed support is vital. A predictable, safe, and positive environment will improve the lives of children and youth who have experienced trauma.

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    Supporting and affirming the unique identity of youth leads to better outcomes.

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    Community and peer support are essential. KEEP is a place for parents to share experiences, building community and decreasing isolation.

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    Clear expectations help everyone succeed. KEEP is about what to do, rather than what not to do.


"The group leaders were very friendly, positive, knowledgeable, and affirming, making it a comfortable environment despite some difficult subjects."

KEEP LGBTQIA+ Affinity Group Parent

"The joy that was expressed by all of the parents in this group was outstanding. So much love and a variety of family experiences was met with fun and encouragement."

KEEP Kinship Parent